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SBU 3MT Past Winners

Below is a summary of the prizes winners and their talks from each year of SBU's Three Minute Thesis competition.

Year Award First Last Graduate Program 3MT Video
2021 1st Chun-Hao Pan Molecular & Cellular Biology Targeting Keratin 17 in Pancreatic Cancer: A Therapeutic Window Opens
2021 2nd & People's Choice Sara Santos English Living in the End of the World
2021 3rd (tie) Shruti Iyer Genetics Solving Genetic Puzzles to Understand Cance r
2021 3rd (tie Amanda Russo Integrative Neuroscience, Psychology Getting Rid of Traumatic Memorie s
2020 1st Sonali Gera Physics & Astronomy Building a Quantum Computer, One Particle at a Time
2020 2nd & People's Choice Xiaoqing Zhang Heath & Rehabilitation Sciences Children Left Behind in Rural China--"I can Be Resilient and Happy"
2020 3rd Keffy Kehrli Genetics Evolution: Comparing more than Just the Sequences of Our Genes
2019 1st Olivia Swanson Neuroscience Brain in Motion
2019 2nd & People's Choice Xiaoyu Zhao Molecular & Cellular Biology Social Network of Cancer Genes
2019 3rd Bhavya Ghai Computer Science Let's Make Technology Fair Again!
2018 1st & People's Choice Yi Zheng Psychology How Do We Understand Foreign Accents?
2018 2nd Molly Graffam SoMAS Nitrogen - Public Water Enemy #1
2018 3rd Anusha Shankar Ecology & Evolution The Surprising Secrets of Sleeping Hummingbirds
2017 1st & People's Choice (tie) Zoya Vallari Physics & Astronomy Capturing ghost particles and telling apart real from fake
2017 2nd Rajapillai Pillai Neuroscience How to peer into the brain safely (and cheaply!)
2017 3rd & People's Choice (tie) Elizabeth Trimber Cognitive Science, Psychology How can we predict who will make impulsive decisions? With reward learning!
2017 People's Choice (tie) Pratik Kumar Chemistry Illuminating the Brain Circuits, one cell at a time
2014 1st Katarzyna Sawika Biomedical Engineering Development of a Novel Immunization Platform
2014 2nd Nadia Jaber Molecular & Cellular Biology You've got (too much) mail