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SBU 3MT 2020 Talks

Aniska Chikhalya
(Molecular Genetics and Microbiology)
Understanding the Relationship: The Race to Find a Cure

Mallesham Dasari
(Computer Science)
Video is Eating the World! How to Deal with It?

Yifan Fang
(Physics and Astronomy)
Controlling Motion of Atom with Laser

Sonali Gera
(Physics and Astronomy)
Building a Quantum Computer, One Particle at a Time

Jinyoung Jin
(Cultural Analysis and Theory)
Can Painting Be a Form of Truth?

Kelli Johnson
(Cognitive Science)
Improving Medicine using Math and Psychology

Keffy Kehrli
Evolution: Comparing more than Just the Sequences of Our Genes

Heeyoung Kwon
(Computer Science)
Getting AI to Say Why

Brandon Marshall
(Political Science)
How Elections Encourage Division

Shachee Mishra
(Computer Science)
The Art of Self-Defense. App Vs. Attack

Samia Mohammed
(Molecular and Cellular Biology)
A Small Victory in the Quest to Cure

Yiyao Tian
(Materials Science and Chemical Engineering)
What Could Material Scientists Do to Protect our Soldiers?

Brett Vaughn
Harnessing Radioactive Metal to Fight Cancer

Lei Wang
(Materials Science and Chemical Engineering)
What Can We Do with Excess C02?

Xiaoqing Zhang
(Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)
Children Left Behind in Rural China--"I can Be Resilient and Happy"