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SBU 3MT 2019 Talks

Nusnin Akter
Toxic Gas Removal from Car Exhaust

Stephanie Bonvissuto
We Are Where We Can Enter

Andy Eicher
Looking to the Past to Think About the Future

Javier Gastón-Greenberg
Hero Genesis

Bhavya Ghai
Let's Make Technology Fair Again!

Brian Hartwig
Stage to Page in the Progressive Era

Chaudhry Hassan
Let it Flow!

Tara Holmes
How the Movies Made Me A Lesbian

Xiaoyi Hu
Miniature Waves

Mohammad Mahdi Javanmard
How to Make Dynamic Programming Algorithms Faster

Joelle Mann
Viral Voices and Novel Forms of Expression

Prithviraj Rajebhosale
Tracking Trauma in the Brain

Andrew Rimby
A Queer Meeting: Whitman and Wilde in Camden, NJ

Lauren Ruiz
DNA and Disposables: Nothing Disappears

Pawan Sharma
Freedom from Hand Paralysis

Olivia Swanson
Brain in Motion

Jinelle Wint
Fishing for a Cure

Bihua Yu
Cracking the Folding Puzzle

Xiaoyu Zhao
Social Network of Cancer Genes