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SBU 3MT 2018 Talks

Anusha Shankar

Anusha Shankar, Ecology and Evolution
The Surprising Secrets of Sleeping Hummingbirds

Barbara J. Brennan

Barbara J. Brennan, Social Welfare
Siblings: The Hidden Casualities of the Opioid Epidemic

Chang Kyung (Joanna) Kim

Chang Kyung (Joanna) Kim, Pharmacological Sciences
Trust Your Gut

Corinna Kirsch

Corinna Kirsch, Art History
Life and Death in Art's First Computer Age

Estefania Vergara

Estefania Vergara, Economics
Small Changes, Big Impact: Measuring and predicting the economic effects of changes in business games

Jingming Wang

Jingming Wang, Pharmacological Sciences
Getting Cancer From Your Broken DNA

Kelly Hacker Jones

Kelly Hacker Jones, History
The Point of Alternative Medicine

Lis Henderson

Lis Henderson, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
How Fish Survive the Long Hot Summer

Martin Smyth

Martin Smyth, Technology and Society
Predicting Mass-Mobilization Political Phenomena

Molly Graffam

Molly Graffam, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Nitrogen - Public Water Enemy #1

Shrinath Deshpande

Shrinath Deshpande, Mechanical Engineering
Machine Design for Motion Tasks using Artificial Intelligence

Stacey Greengold

Stacey Greengold, Science Education
Those Who Understand, Teach...Chemistry!

Tatiana E. Tchoubar

Tatiana E. Tchoubar, Technology and Society
How Can People Get to Know Things? Cognitive Model of Virtual Information Communication

Tilsa Ore Monago

Tilsa Ore Monago, Economics
Should you switch? On the race to make you stay

Vihitaben Patel

Vihitaben Patel, Biomedical Engineering
Good Vibrations: Buzzing Your Way to Metabolic Fitness

Weibo Zhou

Weibo Zhou, Economics
Family Structure Matters: How parents help pay for college study

Yi Zheng

Yi Zheng, Psychology
How Do We Understand Foreign Accents?