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SBU 3MT 2017 Talks

  Adewale headshot

Benedette Adewale, Chemistry
Deepwater Horizon oil spill's dispersant: fate and future risk assessments

  Clarke headshot

Julia Clarke, English
The Thing Repurposed: Character Formation in the Victorian Novel

  Irving headshot

Dan Irving, English
Nothing Never Happens: Plotless Fiction and Reader Participation

  Kumar headshot

Pratik Kumar, Chemistry (People's Choice Winner)
Illuminating the Brain Circuits, one cell at a time

  Lauterbur headshot

M. Elise Lauterbur, Ecology and Evolution
Peeing Poison: Exploring the biochemistry and genetics of bamboo lemur cyanide survival

  LeDonne headshot

Luisa Le Donne, Neuroscience
A computer that takes decisions like your brain

  Lee headshot

Hwasoo Lee,  Materials Science and Engineering
Novel investigation of manufacturing thermoelectric materials to device that converts heat to electricity

  Padwa headshot

Linda Padwa, Science Education
All Alone: A Study of Chemistry Teacher Isolation in New York State

  Pillai headshot

Rajapillai Pillai, Neuroscience (2nd Place Winner)
How to peer into the brain safely (and cheaply!)

  Schwartz headshot

Nicholas U. Schwartz, Neuroscience
Sphingolipids: A New Approach to Understanding Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

  Smith headshot

Gregory M. Smith, Materials Science and Engineering
From sea-floor to 35,000 feet, how nature-inspired design can lead to advances in aerospace technology

  Summers headshot

Anne Summers, English
How the Victorians Saw: Vision, Perception and the Nineteenth-Century Novel

  Trimber headshot

Elizabeth Trimber, Cognitive Science, Psychology (3rd Place and People's Choice Winner)
How can we predict who will make impulsive decisions? With reward learning!

  Villari headshot

Zoya Vallari, Physics and Astronomy (1st Place and People's Choice Winner)
Capturing ghost particles and telling apart real from fake

  Zhou headshot

Sai Zhou, Genetics
Cells at play: two songs from one music sheet