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PhD Works ACE 2020 supports 4 graduate students
with their career exploration during Spring 2021


PhD Works ACE 2021 Awardees



  • Erika Deppenschmidt
    Erika Deppenschmidt
    Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

    PhD Works ACE 2021 supported Erika’s access to an online platform offering her knowledge in consulting practices, interview preparation, and resume bootcamps to assist her in a successful and efficient transition from academia to life sciences consulting upon graduation.

  • Gaurav Guleria
    Gaurav Guleria
    Mechanical Engineering

    PhD Works ACE 2021 supported Gaurav’s registration to an online course on computer vision and deep learning used by self-driving cars, which allowed him to gain skills to transition to the automotive industry.

  • Vamiq Mustahsan
    Vamiq Mustahsan
    Mechanical Engineering

    PhD Works ACE 2021 supported Vamiq’s certification in autonomous driving that will help him develop skills in Computer Vision, Control theory, Artificial Neural Networks, and Machine Learning to develop a self-driving car application.

  • Nicolás G. Wiggenhauser
    Nicolás G. Wiggenhauser
    Anthropological Sciences

    PPhD Works ACE 2021 supported Nicolas’s training to apply useful knowledge and gather concrete programming experience in Python.