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IDP Templates

There are many ways to complete an IDP, which is just a tool to suit your own style of career planning and goal setting. Here are some different models and resources for completing an IDP.


  • SBU Modular IDP Template: This new template allows the trainee to fully customize the format of the IDP to suit his or her type of scholarship and style of organizing tasks and goals. Each module can be adapted to the trainees activities, and those do not apply can be deleted.
  • SBU FreeForm IDP Template: This simplified template allows you to focus in on three categories of goals: Skill Strengthening, Career Exploration, and Scholarly Goals. 
  • SBU Self-Study Questions: A narrative self-assessment tool that allows the trainee to take a qualitative view of his/her skills, interests, and progress, without judging those skills on an absolute scale. Review questions before completing IDP template.
  • Alternate Academic IDP Template: This shorter template focuses in on developing the skills for your specific short- and long-term career goals, and can easily be shared with your academic advisor/supervisor. 


Sample IDPs

Self-Assessment Worksheets

  • Career Skills Inventory: A worksheet for quickly identifying the career skills you enjoy and/or would like to continue strengthening. These skills can form the basis for the Skill Strengthening goals you set in your IDP for the coming year.
  • Career Values & Interests Inventory: A worksheet of career values and interests to help identify those that might be important to you in your work life and environment. These skills can inform your Career Exploration goals you set in your IDP for the coming year.

Other Tools

  • myIDP: myIDP is an online, interactive tool originally based on the FASEB IDP model and hosted by the AAAS, the publishers of  Science. It offers an interactive self-assessment tool that helps connect the trainee with new career path ideas and resources. Importantly, this self-assessment information should feed into the final, goal setting step. 
  • chemIDP is another self-assessment and career planning tool developed online by the American Chemical Society.
  • imaginePhD includes a self-assessment, tools for researching a range of careers, and an online tool for career planning intended for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Original FASEB Template: Developed by the professional society  FASEB for the biological sciences, this template is more freeform than others, laying our the steps but allowing the trainee to complete the steps in their own way. It also lays out the responsibilities of the trainee's mentor for supporting the trainee's goal setting and career exploration. The template comes with an accompanying  sample of an annual review.
  • NPA Postdoctoral Core Competencies: The National Postdoctoral Association established a series of core competencies for scholars that provide a framework for identifying continuing training opportunities. You can use the checklist to identify areas for improvement.