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Professional Development Courses and Workshops

Build Your Skills, Expand Your Career Horizons

At Stony Brook, graduate students and postdocs have a number of opportunities for professional development, including regular graduate courses and occasional seminars, workshops, and short courses. This page provides an overview of some of these offerings, but new opportunities and resources are always becoming available.

Graduate students and postdocs can subscribe to the Graduate School's Professional Development Email Update for more up-to-date news and opportunities. More info on this soon!

How to enroll

Graduate students may be able to take credit-bearing courses that enhance their professional development and complement their core graduate curriculum.
Enrollment for credit typically takes place through SOLAR with approval from the student's graduate program.
For more information on enrolling in courses outside of one's graduate degree plan, consult the Graduate Bulletin.

Postdocs who wish to earn credit may enroll as non-matriculating students  in the School of Professional Development, and may have tuition assistance  available through their employee benefits (State and Research Foundation employee postdocs).
Postdocs may also be able to audit some courses for free, but should first talk to the course instructor. In the case of the courses from the Alda Center for Communicating Science, a limited number of postdocs may enroll free of charge through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

To sign up for occasional seminars, workshops, and short courses, both graduate students and postdocs should contact the event organizers.