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Parental Leave Policy 

The Stony Brook Parental Leave Policy enables graduate students to maintain full-time, registered-student status and facilitates their return to full participation in class work, research, teaching, and clinical training.

The Parental Leave Policy includes provisions for academic extensions and relief from regular teaching, research, clinical, or training duties. For students receiving stipend support as Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, or Research Assistants, the Graduate School also provides interim financial support. The Parental Leave Policy guidelines encourage open communication among students, their advisors, Graduate Program Directors (GPD) and supervisors; the goal is to accommodate students' needs while minimizing the disruption to their graduate training activities and responsibilities.

Under current policy, graduate students inform their GPDs, advisors and whomever they are working closely with (i.e professor) that they wish to take leave. Students must have the knowledge and consent of their advisors, GPDs, professors and to be eligible. International students also need to consult with Visa and Immigration Services.

NOTE: Procedural clarification on duration of support under Parental Leave Policy

  • Research Assistant/University Fellow -12 weeks
  • State Graduate Assistant (GA)- 1 semester
  • State Teaching Assistant (TA)- 1 semester


Parental Leave Policy Application Form
Parental Leave Policy Guidance Document

Please contact the Graduate Finance team at with questions or concerns.

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