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Graduate Fellowship & Faculty Research Program 

The Graduate Fellowship and Faculty Research Program, started in 2014/2015 as one of President Stanley’s initiatives in the arts, humanities, and lettered social sciences, provides one year of funding, at $20,000 each, to six doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy – and who have completed their department’s allocated funding. These fellows, in turn, teach two courses during the academic year, creating release time for junior faculty members to focus on research and program development.

Each program may nominate up to two student candidates and two faculty member candidates.

Note: The award does not include funds for hiring adjuncts to replace faculty teaching, nor can CAS provide such funds; therefore, the Chair should specifically address in the nomination materials how the recommended pairing of student and faculty can be done without a net loss of FTE teaching in the department. Faculty receiving course releases from other sources are not eligible.

Eligibility: Doctoral students from all departments in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, who have advanced to candidacy by the nomination deadline, and who have completed their department’s allocated funding, irrespective of the campus (i.e. Southampton, East Campus, etc.).

2019 Call for Nominations:  View Here

Important Dates:  View Here

Deadline: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Please do not hesitate to contact with questions concerning this application process.


Are ALL departments in the Social Sciences eligible to apply?

Yes, but the nomination materials must give an account of why the students are not being funded otherwise, in addition to how their research contributes to the arts, humanities and lettered social sciences.

Are full professors eligible for the faculty development part of the award?

No. Only assistant and associate professors are eligible.

Is a student who will be advanced to candidacy in the Fall eligible?

Only graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy, or at ABD, at the time of nomination, are eligible.

Does the Fellowship cover health insurance?

The Fellowship will be given as a Teaching Assistantship; students are eligible for enrollment in the Student Employee Health Plan (SEHP).

Is there a maximum amount of nominations each department can have? 

Each program may nominate up to two student candidates and two faculty member candidates.

If the student's GPD and advisor are the same, is another letter required?

Preferably, another member of their committee will write a letter of nomination on their behalf. 

Can students suggest that they teach the same class twice, or can it be one class repeating over the Fall and Spring semesters?

Students can suggest teaching the same class twice, but there has to be a compelling reason why. Plans to teach two different classes related to their research would carry more weight than one for repeating the same class.

Can a department make two separate nominations- one that pairs one student with one professor and the other that pairs one student with two professors? 

Yes, the department can make a nomination for one student with one faculty (two courses) or one student with two different faculty (one course each). The department should be free to use the program as best benefits the faculty.

Can Chairs nominate a faculty member from another department?

Faculty whose lines are being moved need to be endorsed by the former and future departments.

Can a graduate student be nominated without a faculty partner?

Yes, a graduate student can be nominated on their own. In such a case, it has been suggested that they list courses or departments where they could be helpful.  Also, a graduate student could coordinate with a member of another department.  

Is there a prohibition against faculty who have previously been awarded this Fellowship from applying again?

There is nothing forbidding a faculty member from getting this Fellowship twice, but the committee may have issues with it, as there are many people interested.  That said, if a department has a compelling faculty application, it is recommended that they submit it. 

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