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RF Annual Professional Development Fund

As part of the current contract negotiated between the Research Foundation  for the State University of New York and the Communications Workers of America, Local 1104, the Office of the VP for Research at Stony Brook has established a $15,000 annual professional development fund for graduate students employed by the Research Foundation to attend conferences. The fund will cover registration fees only. Applications are reviewed as they are submitted, and $7,500 is available each semester on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will close for the year once funding has been depleted.


NOTE: The RF Professional Development Funds have been exhausted. Please see italics below for additional financial opportunities that may be of interest:


Graduate students, regardless of employment status, might consider some of the funding opportunities available through the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The Resource Access Project (RAP) provides travel grants (up to $500/fiscal year); the Distinguished Travel Award and the Professional Development  Fund are additional funding possibilities. More information about GSO funding opportunities can be found here


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