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President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

Jennifer Nicoloro-SantaBarbara, Psychology

Jennifer Nicoloro-SantaBarbara

Can you tell us, in general terms, about your research?

I study stress and coping in the context of women's reproductive health, chronic illness, and rare diseases.

What excites you about your work?

What excites me about my work is investigating the  biopsychosocial processes that operate in chronic illnesses, rare diseases, and women's reproductive health. My hope is that the research I am conducting will promote successful coping, reduce pain and suffering, improve the provision of care, and offer a foundation for the development of effective psychosocial treatments. Often having a rare disease or infertility can be a lonely experience. People have stories to tell about their journey. I enjoy giving them a voice, giving them a chance to feel heard, and to improve the quality of their lives through my research. 

How has your time at Stony Brook helped equip you for success?

Meeting my advisor, Dr. Marci Lobel, changed my life. During these last four years she has continually supported and challenged me to become a strong teacher, researcher, and leader. Every day she inspires me to strive for excellence. In addition to the outstanding mentoring of Dr. Lobel, I have received excellent training in the psychology doctoral program, which I believe has equipped me for success. My experience at Stony Brook has been invaluable!

What advice would you offer to new teachers who are finding their voice in the classroom?

Strive to convey what you teach with knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm so that students will be excited to learn about your subject.

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