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President's Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students

Han Fang, Applied Mathematics & Statistics 

Han FangDissertation Title: Graphical and machine learning algorithms for high-throughput genomics data

Can you tell us, in general terms, about your research?

I have developed a set of graphical and machine learning algorithms for high-throughput genomics data. These softwares enable researchers and physicians to discover mutations in the human genome. This can help identify candidate genes for important diseases like autism and various cancers.

What excites you about your work?

One of the reasons that I love my research work is the positive impacts that it brings to the world. By unraveling a new layer of genetic mutations in the human genome, we help people understand their ancestry better, help patients identify disease contribution mutations more easily and accurately.

How has your time at Stony Brook helped equip your for success?

The most important resource is the close collaboration between Stony Brook and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Each party has its unique strength to advance research discoveries. I am extremely lucky to be one of the many students that could leverage such amazing resources to accelerate our research.