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Faculty-Staff Dissertation Fellowship

This award, initiated in 2006, is made possible through the generosity of Stony Brook faculty and staff who have contributed to campaigns to support graduate fellowships. The award is intended to assist a graduate student who has advanced to candidacy and whose research project requires fieldwork, archival work, or other research efforts requiring the student to be away from campus for an extended period.

One award, in the amount of $10,000, will be granted.

Departments and programs with graduate students at the dissertation stage may nominate one (1) candidate. The nomination must be endorsed by the student's Graduate Program Director (GPD).

Submit a Nomination

The Google Form link above includes entry fields/document upload sections for the following:

  • A letter of nomination outlining the student's current funding situation. 
  • GPD Endorsement checkbox 
  • 2-3 faculty letters of support
  • A short summary of the nominee's status as a graduate student: date of admission, year of study, date of advancement to candidacy, and expected date of completion of the doctoral degree.
  • Dissertation abstract, or similar summary of the project. This should be geared toward a general audience and should not exceed two (2) pages.
  • The student's C.V.


Past Recipients

2022: Amanda Rowe, Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences
2021: Annu Daftuar, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2020:  Rachael Herman, Ecology and Evolution
2019:  Shruti Mukherjee, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2018:  Chikako Takahashi, Linguistics
2017: David Yee, History
2016: Nicholas Parkinson, Art History
2015: Evelyn Pain, Anthropological Sciences
2014: Sasha Rodriguez, Sociology
2013: Erica Laine Nooney, Cultural and Analysis Theory
2012: Fernanda Page-Poma, Sociology
2011: Lunpeng Ma, Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
2010: Lauren Neefe, English
2009: Lauren Rosenblum, English; Weidong Cai, Psychology; Lauren Joseph, Sociology
2008: Andrea Boffa, History
2007: Amy Travers, Sociology
2006: Jesse Young, Anthropological Sciences (first year awarded)