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Alumni Association's Dean's Choice Award for Leadership 

This award, initiated in 2011, is made possible through the generous support of the Stony Brook Alumni Association and its commitment to furthering the mission of the University by engaging all alumni and students to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University and its graduates. The award recognizes a graduate student who has demonstrated strong leadership abilities in engaging the graduate student community.

The awards committee will consider the following when reviewing nominations:

  1. Students' leadership abilities displayed in building networking opportunities among their own department or across departments.
  2. Students' service to the general graduate student community.

One award, in the amount of $1,000, will be granted.

Departments and Programs with graduate students may nominate one (1) candidate. Each nomination must be endorsed by the student's Graduate Program Director (GPD). 

Submit a Nomination

The Google Form link above includes entry fields/document upload sections for the following:

  • A letter of nomination detailing the student’s leadership roles, organization involvement and community building outcomes. 
  • GPD Endorsement checkbox 
  • A letter of support from a faculty member
  • Up to two additional letters of support from any faculty, staff or student.
  • Student’s C.V.


Past Recipients

2022: Alyssa Stansfield, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
2021: Zared Shawver, Psychology
2020: Spencer Austin, History
2019: Yalile Suriel, History
2018: Molly Graffam, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
2017: Vahideh Rasekhi, Linguistics
2016: Saul Siller, Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology
2015: Peter Chahales, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
2014: Gregory Rosenthal, History
2013: Bethany Coston, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
2012: Sheryl Bell, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
2011: Caitlin Fisher-Reid, Ecology and Evolution