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President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

The President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student will be awarded to outstanding graduate student teachers. Six awards of $1,000 each will be presented at a ceremony held in May, during commencement week, for recipients and their families. Awardees will be expected to participate in an orientation session or colloquium for new Teaching Assistants prior to the start of the following Fall semester. 

Each department or program with TAs or GAs involved in teaching may nominate two (2) candidates. Nominations must be endorsed by the student's Graduate Program Director (GPD).

The award is open to all full-time graduate student TAs or GAs (masters and doctoral) required to teach. They must have completed at least one academic year of teaching. (Present semester can be included).

Submit a Nomination

The Google Form link above includes entry fields/document upload sections for the following:

  • A letter of nomination 
  • GPD Endorsement checkbox 
  • Positive evidence that the candidate has performed superbly in the classroom, to include:
    • 2-3 letters of support from faculty members who have supervised or worked with the nominee in teaching a course
    • No more than five letters from students attesting to the effectiveness of the candidate's teaching and concern for intellectual growth
  • The student's C.V.

The supporting documentation for the nomination should specifically address:

  • the candidate's generosity with personal time, accessibility to students and demonstration of a continual concern with the intellectual growth of individual students
  • evidence regarding the candidate's high standards for encouraging academic excellence within his/her classroom and among his/her students
  • how the candidate exhibits innovative means of developing and modifying the course(s), if applicable.


Past Recipients 

2022: Logan Graham, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Stephanie Struble,  Philosophy
Jason Loprete, Mechanical Engineering
Andrija Petrovic, Linguistics
Ida Nikou, Sociology 
Anna Melnikova, Linguistics 

2021:  Marybeth Apriceno, Psychology
Jack Burkart, Math
Moisés Hassan, Hispanic Languages and Literature
Delicia Kamins, Philosophy
Bernard Krumm, English
Emma Talis, Applied Math & Statistics
2020:  Alena Aksenova, Linguistics
Caitlin Duffy, English
Christopher Fremaux, Philosophy
Sara Martinez Navarro, Hispanic Languages
James Sares, Philosophy
Hong-Lun Yeung, Linguistics
2019:  David Brounley, Music
Kate Corbin, Anatomical Sciences
Brian Hartwig, English
Michael Kryluk, Philosophy
Russell Tanenbaum, Linguistics
Kaitlyn Koenig Thompson, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
2018:  Paola Cepeda, Linguistics
Jamie MacDonald, Psychology/ Social and Health
Joelle Mann, English
Camilo Rubbini, Economics
Michael Schrimpf, Ecology and Evolution
Ingrid Solano, Psychology/ Clinical
2017: Taylor Ackley, Music
Audrey Ellis, Philosophy
Laura James, English
Chatham Lovette, Philosophy
Jennifer Nicoloro SantaBarbara, Psychology
Lisa Robison, Psychology
2016: Andrew Conklin, Music
Michelle Ho, Cultural Analysis & Theory
Simone Hoffman, Anatomical Sciences 
Ashley Lytle, Psychology
Vahideh Rasekhi, Linguistics
Anthony Teets, English
2015: Nicole Calma, Cognitive Science
Dylan Godwin, Cultural Analysis & Theory
Raynee Gutting, Political Science             
Steven Heritage, Anthropological Sciences
Ali Mohsen, Philosophy
Brianna O'Neill, Chemistry
2014: Karyn Amira, Political Science
Lori Gallegos de Castillo, Philosophy
Al Herrera-Alcazar, Psychology 
Amanda Kennedy, Sociology
Eric Szelenyi, Neuroscience
Aydogan Yanilmaz, Linguistics
2013: Sheri Clark, Psychology
Jeff Epstein, Philosophy
Cheryl Llewellyn, Sociology         
Niahm O'hara, Ecology & Evolution
Micheal Restivo, Journalism / Sociology
Megan Tudor, Psychology
2012: Patrick Casey, Philosophy
Jessica Curran, English
Natalie Grey, Social and Health Psychology         
Whitney Howell, Philosophy
Rachel Kalish, Sociology
Stephanie Maiolino, Anthropological Sciences
2011: Andrei Antonenko, Linguistics
Ceylan Cizmeli, Psychology
Andrea Daly, Music
Philip Salathé, Music      
Caitlin Fisher-Reid, Ecology and Evolution
Ashar Foley, Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
2010: Ralph Clare, English
James Corrigan, Philosophy
Adam Rosenfeld, Philosophy     
Katharina Schuhmann, Linguistics
Hans Staats, Comparative Literature
Xiaomeng (Mona) Xu, Social Health Psychology
2009: James Ambury, Philosophy
Mark Jonas, Ecology and Evolution
Jennifer Rodden, Psychology    
Sue Riela, Psychology
Frances Bottenberg, Philosophy
Gary Maynard, Sociology
2008: Christopher Cohoon, Philosophy
Jennifer DiGregorio Kightlinger, European Languages & English
Michele Fazio, English   
Jada Hamilton, Social & Health Psychology
Nuria Protopopescu, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Steven Welsh, Applied Math and Statistics
2007: Dolores Cannella, Psychology
Justin Georgi, Anatomical Sciences
Brady Heiner, Philosophy            
Don Landes, Philosophy
Julia Martinez, Hispanic Language & Literature
Chris Noto, Ecology & Evolution
2006: Richard Tyson Smith, Sociology
Kristin Pape, Comparative Studies
Amy Traver, Sociology  
Serene Khader, Philosophy
Amy Bagshaw, Art
Na Yin, Economics