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Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring by a Faculty Member

The Excellence in Mentoring Award recognizes faculty members for the outstanding support of a graduate student, or graduate students, from course completion through research and placement. Criteria that may be considered in selecting a nominee include: provision of sound advice with respect to course of study, encouraging the best performance from students, generosity of time or other measures of effort at mentoring, assisting an unlikely or superficially unpromising student through to successful completion and placement, advice and other assistance regarding quality and quantity of student papers or other forms of publication and performance, extraordinary efforts or success with placement. These criteria are not meant to be exhaustive, but instead to suggest activities that might be considered in a nominating letter. The nominee must have been a faculty member for at least three years at the time of the nomination.

The award is comprised of a certificate and a $500 award check. Nominations may be made by faculty, staff or students.

Submit a Nomination

The Google Form link above includes entry fields/document upload sections for the following:

  • A letter of nomination.  Nominations may be made by faculty, staff or students.
  • Letter of support from the faculty member's Department Chair or Graduate Program Director.
  • Letters of support from at least two graduate students who have a direct knowledge of nominee's mentoring activities.
  • The nominee's C.V.


Past Recipients

2022: Thomas Graf, Linguistics
Yanna Krupnikov, Political Science
2021: Kathleen Vernon, Hispanic Languages and Literature
2020:  Richard Gerrig, Psychology
2019:  Liz Montegary, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2018:  Chang Kee Jung, Physics
2017: Adrienne Munich, English
2016: Mary Rawlinson, Philosophy
2015: James Bliska, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology; Megan Craig, Philosophy
2014: Ned Landsman, History
2013: Greg Hajcak, Psychology
2012: Ellen Broselow, Linguistics
2011: Marci Lobel, Psychology
2010: Susan Scheckel, English
2009: Sanjay Sampath, Material Science and Engineering
2008: Marvin Goldfried , Psychology
2007: Paul Gootenberg, History
2006: Michael Schwartz, Sociology