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2021 Graduate Award Winners


President's Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students
Meghan Buckley, English
Xujia Chen, Math
Sebastian Dick, Physics
Sindhuja Tirumalai Govindarajan, Biomedical Engineering
Jonathan Rawski, Linguistics

The winners of the President's Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students will present a synopsis of their research (geared to a non-specialist audience) at a symposium held in conjunction with the Graduate Awards Ceremony. One of these winners will be asked to give a commencement speech at the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony.

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student
Marybeth Apriceno, Psychology
Jack Burkart, Math
Moisés Hassan, Hispanic Languages and Literature
Delicia Kamins, Philosophy
Bernard Krumm, English
Emma Talis, Applied Math & Statistics

The winners of the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching will be invited to participate in the August 2021 Workshop for New Teaching Assistants, presented each year to new doctoral students during graduate orientation events.

Stony Brook Foundation Trustees Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Jessica Kim, Sociology
Katharine Thompson, Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences

Madeline Fusco Fellowship  Award
Stephanie Bonvissuto, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Faculty-Staff Dissertation Fellowship  Award  
Annu Daftuar, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

John Marburger III Fellowship for Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Adelle Molina, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

John Dunn Excellence Award in Life Sciences
Kenneth Davidson, Ecology & Evolution
Dedi Yang, Ecology & Evolution

Dean's Alumni Association Leadership  Award
Zared Shawver, Psychology

Dean's  Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring by a faculty member 
Kathleen Vernon, Hispanic Languages and Literature

Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching by a Faculty Member
John Bailyn, Linguistics

Dean's  Award for Excellence in Service by a Graduate Program Director (GPD)
Mary Rawlinson, Philosophy

Dean's  Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Education by a Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC)
Theresa Spadola, English

Dorothy G. Pieper Award
Heather Weston, Art