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Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program

The Post-baccalaureate, Pre-Health (PBPH) program allows students to take coursework at Stony Brook University to prepare for careers in medicine, dentistry, or other doctoral-level health-related fields. The PBPH program is designed for career-changer students who lack requisite math and science courses needed to apply to professional programs.  Students will enroll in the appropriate undergraduate courses and will receive the advisement resources of the Pre-Professional Advisement office (Melville Library, Third Floor, Room E3310) to help to prepare them for the application process for their chosen field of study.

Students accepted into this program will participate in a special orientation program to be organized jointly by the Pre-Professional Advising and Student Orientation offices. This select student group will be academically advised and tracked throughout their time at Stony Brook by the pre-professional advising staff. All students admitted to the program are expected to maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

The PBPH program has had a total acceptance rate of 84.2%, which is more than double the rate nationally for applicants to health professional schools. To use a recent example, 32 of 38 students were accepted to schools of graduate health professions in the United States as of the entrance date of 2012.

Stony Brook’s Faculty Committee on Health Professions also may nominate up to five eligible post-baccalaureate students per year for linkage (a special fast track admission) to Stony Brook’s School of Medicine.  Please visit for more information on the linkage program.

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