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Application for Graduation

Here you will find the graduation application form and instructions. Please note this is not an application for admission into a graduate program or the graduation ceremony form. Admissions information is available in the Admissions section of our website, and graduation ceremony information can be found on the  Conferences & Special Events' Commencement website.

Steps Before Applying for Graduation

1. Check the Graduate School website for the current deadlines to file degree applications or to submit your thesis/dissertation. This information can be found in our Graduation FAQs .

2. Inform your graduate program coordinator and graduate program director that you are applying for graduation.

3. Make sure you are registered for the semester you plan to graduate. Students who intend to graduate in the spring or fall must register for at least one graduate credit. Students who will graduate in the summer can register for zero credits, but it must still be a graduate-level course.

NOTE:  The degree date that students apply for is the date they intend to receive the degree, not the date of a ceremony they wish to attend.  For example, if students plans to graduate in August, they need to apply for August graduation even though they wish to attend the May commencement ceremony.

Confirmation Email

Once a student's degree application is processed in the system, an email notification will be sent out. This will contain information on graduation and related procedures. Students  should expect to receive this email notification about 1-2 weeks after application.

Updating Information

Students who have applied for graduation but who wish to update or change their diploma name or mailing address should not re-apply for the degree. Instead, email to update the necessary details. 

What To Do If Plans Change

When students file for graduation, they are blocked from registering for the following semester.  If you find that you need to cancel your degree application, email your program coordinator a completed Change of Graduation Date form for approval.  The program will then forward the approved form to When you are ready to graduate, you will need to re-apply as degree applications do not roll forward.

Next Steps

After submitting your application for graduation, completing these two surveys finalizes your application for graduation (Master’s candidates only need to complete the Graduate School Exit Survey).

1.  As part of the Graduate School’s continued initiative to ensure student satisfaction, we ask that all graduate students, both master's and doctoral, complete the Graduate School Exit Survey before leaving the university. Results are kept completely confidential.

2.  Doctoral students are asked to fill out the National Research Council’s Survey of Earned Doctorates. The survey is available online at https://sed-ncses.orgStudents do not need to provide any hard copies of this survey to the Graduate School.

Both surveys should be completed after you submit your application for graduation.


Before applying, please review our Graduation FAQs .

The application for Graduation is available here: