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SBU Three Minute Thesis Competition 2018

SBU 3MT logo Stony Brook again will celebrate our students' exciting PhD research with Three Minute Thesis 2018. Three Minute Thesis, or 3MT ® for short, is an opportunity for SBU graduate students to present their dissertation research findings to a general audience in THREE MINUTES with only one powerpoint slide. Three Minute Thesis is an international event founded at the University of Queensland. The goal is for students to engage all their communication skills to make their research vivid and engaging while emphasizing its key point without jargon. 

Prizes will be awarded.  A panel of judges will evaluate the talks for how well they achieve 3MT's   judging criteria

SBU 3MT: The Art of the Fast Pitch


Location:  Wang Center Lecture Halls 1 & 2

Date:    Friday, April 13, 2017

Time: 10:00 am—2:00 pm

This is event is free and open to the public.

SBU 3MT 2018 AGENDA:  

Coming Soon

Agenda subject to change.



Judging: The talks will be evaluated by a panel of judges from a range of backgrounds and disciplines for how well the speaker engages a general audience of non-specialists and can convey the excitement and innovation of their research without jargon or distortion.  See the full judging criteria.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded . 



Eligibility: Competitors must be SBU graduate students who have advanced to candidacy (G5 or equivalent), and their research must be at a stage where findings, preliminary conclusions, and broader impact can be discussed. Students may be in any disciplinary field. Those in the Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are particularly encouraged to participate.  Students must affirm that their graduate advisor supports presentation of their research during speaker sign up.



QUESTIONS: Contact Kathleen Flint Ehm, Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development, kathleen.ehm at or 631-632-7531.

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